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NOTICE: Selenium Recorder has moved to a new project, Selenium IDE. We will recommend using the latest version of Selenium IDE rather than Selenium Recorder.


Selenium Recorder is a Firefox extention that captures the input from user, and generates Selenium commands. It also supports editing test case files.


Install Selenium Recorder 0.6

The previous version (0.5) is still available.


After you have installed the extention, open Tools menu in the menu bar, and select Selenium Recorder. The recorder window will open, and your inputs in the browser window will be captured into the recorder window. If you want to stop recording, uncheck the Enable recording checkbox.

You can add "verify*" checks to the test by right-clicking in the browser and selecting the appropriate check under the Append Selenium Command in the pop-up menu. To run the test with Selenium which is embedded in the extension, click Play button. The Base URL textbox on the left is used to get the actual URL for "open" commands, so change it before clicking the Play button if it points to a wrong URL.

In the recorder window, you can edit, save or load the test as you like. You can set some options in the menu shown when you click File button. There are options like templates for loading and saving files, specifying custom user-extensions.js used for playing tests, etc.



Version 0.6 - Changes since 0.5:

Version 0.5 - Changes since 0.4:

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